Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Tuesday & Fat Tuesday

winter afternoonA sizable portion of my week was spent working on a benefit concert on Saturday, February 2 at the 930 Club by OK Go and New Orleans funk brass band Bonerama. Together the two bands are releasing a digital-only EP on Tuesday, which is appropriately enough both Super and Fat Tuesday. Proceeds from the EP will support the building of a new home (here's what left of the old one) for legendary New Orleans musician Al "Carnival Time" Johnson, who's still living in Houston since Hurricane Katrina, and Sweet Home New Orleans, an organization that helps New Orleans musicians return to and stay in New Orleans. Saturday's concert was sold out, a ton of fun to work on, great music from some of the nicest musicians you could hope to meet and all in support of great causes. Added bonus that my night ended with a chili half-smoked during my first trip to Ben's Chili Bowl.

EP is available on iTunes. Here's the Washington Post review. Photos are forthcoming.

As to Super Tuesday...I love watching election returns. Yup, I'm a geek, a political junkie, whatever. Washington, DC often gives me reasons to move someplace else, but one of the great reasons to stay is the unending political theater and the way that DC residents lap it up. It's better than sports...'cuz it's real! So, yeah, me and CNN are going to get cozy Tuesday night.

Speaking of elections, I've never made a political contribution in my life. But I'm about to make my first for Barack Obama. I'll support Hillary in November if she gets the nomination, but it's a refreshing feeling to truly vote for someone rather than against the other guy. Interesting quote from Hillary (quoting Mario Cuomo) that I read a while back: "You campaign in poetry, but you govern in prose." Obama certainly has the poetry down; I hope and believe he's capable of prose if the time comes.

Hey boys and girls, sorry for the late notice, but did you know that you essentially kissed the person at your Superbowl party that double-dipped into the bowl of dip? This bit of popular science comes to you courtesy of the same guy that explored the validity of the 5-second rule last year.

I hate badly done Flash with a passion, but I'm passing this easy online Flash editor along in the hopes you'll only make the good kind. Pretty please?

My hometown of Boston got lit up, both literally and figuratively, last week in remembrance of the day a year ago when city officials were unable to tell ad campaign from terrorist threat.

Mishead lyrics by LCD Soundsystem this week: "we're all hi-hi-high on lemon zest". Still not sure what they're actually saying.

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