Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Underage Shimmy

Doggy Halloween costumesNo doubt Mitt Romney must know from bling since he talks about it here.

It has been a long week of crunching numbers and watching Twin Peaks Season 2 to recover from the resulting brain freeze. I've also been part of the search committee for an Operations Coordinator at FMC. This person will fill my job so I can become Events Organizer. The process has really made me think about how you judge someone's ability to do a job when they don't have much experience. I've been lucky when people have made that leap of faith about me in the past but how do you judge that in someone else? I'm feeling grateful these days that I don't make my living in HR.

I saw Buffalo Tom at The Black Cat last night. Bassist Chris Colbourn used to be my boss but I'd never seen him perform. I enjoyed the show, but equally entertaining was the underage girl who was doing the suburban butt shimmy against her equally underage boyfriend. She danced. He squirmed while trying to figure out how to cop a feel but not actually dance. The best part? When her mom appeared and joined her in dancing (bad dancing runs in the family) while the boy kept his distance only to sidle back when mom's back was turned.

Feeling the need to make fondue? Wow.

Saw Juno last weekend. Smart and sharp movie that could've been cold, but instead was done with a lot of heart. I really liked it.

Other odds and ends:
Tim Wu talks here in Slate about why both you and AT&T don't want AT&T to try to filter content for violations of intellectual property. Color me convinced.

Heard on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me this morning regarding Bill Clinton: "You know, he's like that kid that graduated high school, but keeps hanging around. You just want to ask him, 'aren't you, like, 28?'"

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