Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How Do You Start One of These?

Not sure what came over me, but I suddenly decided I wanted a blog of my own. I'm hardly expecting an audience of anyone but occasionally curious friends and Facebook folks, but I think it's more about the act of sharing my life in this particular way that intrigues me...so here I am.

Why "Liquid Sunshine"? At some inspired moment, I decided that a perfectly ripe mango tastes like liquid sunshine. Since then, it's been a poetic and convenient moniker and so I'm using it here. Don't expect platitudes to daisies and blue skies though.

What can you expect? I travel a fair bit and enjoy writing about those trips. I listen to and see a fair bit of music. Since I'm employed by Future of Music Coalition as an Events Organizer, I also get paid to read lots of blogs/news stories. I've rediscovered the movies in the last few months. So...you can expect to read about any/all of that along with the random musings that go with any personal blog.


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Casey said...

Found you. Now I link to you. Ha!