Saturday, March 7, 2009

Faulty Introductions

Well, it's time to do a link dump since I've been sick and/or gimpy most of the week (the bad, bad gym beat me up). Now doing fine and on to the links!

Civility and the filibuster, will ne'er the twain meet? I gotta say, if a constant threat of filibuster means that it actually takes 60 votes to pass something, either nuke it or just say that, skip the sit-ins and marathon readings of Winnie the Pooh (more like "The Hill" since Pooh would actually be interesting) and get ON with it already. Otherwise, it's just obstructionism - from both GOP and Dems, I might add. Good comment thread on that post as well.

Author's Guild, meet the mainstream music business, you might have a lot in common. Amazon's new Kindle can read your ebook aloud to you. The Author's Guild doesn't like that because it might get in the way of the audiobook format and diminish income. In addition to stacks of other reasons that this is stupid, text-to-speech conversion is hardly illegal since the computer you're reading this on can probably do it, too. So, of course, Amazon rolls over.

Sebastien Tellier: Lecherous and French and visiting from the 70s. Oh, yeah.

Money I can spend. This presumes that you actually want to spend time on myspace as well? Do you know anyone who doesn't use Myspace grudgingly?

Sigh, but how can you not celebrate the people and the technology? And other sigh because this is just creepy and sad.

I always wanted red hair, though of course, not actually on me as I am now since it would look funny.

Dear Facebook: I know, I know, you're just trying to be more like Twitter, but could you not eff it up like last time? Love, me

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