Friday, July 11, 2008


SunsetI have a problem. The problem is that I get stuck in the land of indie rock unless I make an effort to take another direction. So, I'm overhauling my ipod.

Shuffling is cool most of the time and gets me listening to the random corners of my collection, but it's not enough. So, my plan at this point is to get rid of all the single tracks and everything that falls into the category of indie rock. Exceptions: the indie rock I haven't listened to and the running playlist, because I can't just go running to whatever.

Of course, the new Girltalk album is like listening to a couple hundred different albums all by itself. There are so many samples, it's like playing "where's waldo?". It's a not-commercially-available-because-he-didn't-and-couldn't-have-cleared-the-samples, pay-what-you-like dealie available here.

Anyway, what's left on my ipod? Not a whole lot since I can't afford to legally buy a new music collection.

  • David Bowie - he talks here about writing the songs he still doesn't tire of playing live
  • She & Him's Volume 1 - an odd little summer album, but the deconstructed, off-kilter Smokey Robinson cover won me over
  • Goldfrapp - both 2003's Black Cherry and this year's Seventh Tree
  • My Morning Jacket's Evil Urges - Are they really the second coming of rock music?
  • The Meters' Fiyo at the Filmore Volume 1
  • Common Market's Black Patch War
  • RJD2's Deadringer
  • Air's Moon Safari - loved Talkie Walkie, just never quite made to this classic
  • The National's Boxer
  • Tom Waits' Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards
  • Public Enemy's It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back - it'd be nice to know what they're talking about
  • Etta James boxset
  • Girltalk's aforementioned Feed the Animals
  • Ratatat's LP3
  • The Campbell Brothers with John Medeski on Can You Feel It?

  • Yup, I could go dig up the links to all those albums, but you're smart and I'm lazy and you can google them yourself. Next dispatch from Chicago's Pitchfork Music Festival next week.

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